Duration: One day trip         Vehicle  : Shuttle bus       Price: $ 45

The main Cao Đài temple is in Tây Ninh, twenty or thirty miles from Củ Chi.  One day, in 1970, Sgt. Scanlon and I drove out to deliver some dispatches to the 369th Signal Battalion, Company B detachment in Tây Ninh.  When we were done, Scanlon said, “Wanta drive over and see the Cao Đài temple?  

Cao Đài Temple

Itinerary Ho Chi Minh - Cao Dai Temple - Cu Chi Tunel tour one day:

- Departure: 7:45 am Back to Sai Gon: 6:00 pm
- Visit the Cao Dai temple in tay Ninh (120 km) where daily Mass is done by the Caodaism followers afternoon.
- Cao Dai is combination of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, native Vietnamese spiritualism, Christianity and Islam .
- On the way back to Sai Gon, see the Ben Dinh tunnels in Cu Chi province.



- AC transportation.
- English Speaking guide
- Tunnels entrance fee.
- Lunch.


- Insurance

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